Utila DivingUtila is one of Honduras' Bay Islands. It's the third largest Bay Island after Roatán and Guanaja. The region is situated at the south end of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System which is the second largest reef in the world. The eastern end of Utila is capped by a thin veneer of basaltic volcanic rocks, erupted from several pyroclastic cones including 74 m (243 ft) Pumpkin Hill which forms the highest point on the island. It has been documented in history since Columbus' fourth voyage, and currently enjoys growing tourism with emphasis on recreational snorkeling and diving. Archeological, ethnographic, and historical evidence indicates that the Bay Islands were inhabited long before the arrival of the.

Home to the annual festival known as Sunjam, which is held on the first Saturday in August, in 2012 Utila will mark the fifteenth anniversary of this party. Party-goers from around the world descend on Utila the week before in the build up to the big party which is held on a private island off the coast of Utila. The top DJs in Central America are joined by headliners from around the world to bring a unique party experience to those attending, exemplified by the motto "Pure Party Pleasure".